CT2 Project

Ha Noi City, Vietnam

The proposed 21 to 27 storey CT2 High Rise Condominium Building with five towers sitting in 28 hectare land is a project to develop in Tu Liem District city of Hanoi. An Binh Star Joint Stock Company, innovative concept of creating a structure and developing idle land into city’s prime estate. With the soil condition dense and saturated with clay, silt and sand, the project requires a special foundation design using Bored Pile Drilling Construction Method. BAUER Vietnam Limited, foundation specialist has been awarded the project based on the competitive bid with its works consisting of 640 Bored Piles for the foundation.

The design is based on the drilling and installation of bored piles varied in diameter of 1,000 mm to 1,800 mm reaching the maximum depth of 45 m.Soil Nailing Construction Method is also executed to maintain the stability of soil for 8.5 m excavation of the entire project area. The non-contiguous pile wall was proposed and designed by Bauer for slope protection where the weak soil is appearing to ensure safety of excavation pit.

Bauer carried the works with 3 units of high performance BG drilling rigs type BG 30 and BG 40.


Scope of Works:
640 Nos. of Bored Pile ∅ 1,000 mm to ∅ 1,800 mm incl. Base Grouting, 6,200 m2 Soil Nail Wall, 250,000 m3 Mass Excavation, Pile Caps and 2-Level Basement Structure for 26,000 m2 footprint area