Emerald Tower

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

In District 5 of Ho Chi Minh City, our client Thai Thinh Capital is developing a new 28 storey tower for apartment, retail and office, including three basement for underground parking space. Due to the difficult subsoil conditions deep foundations are required to transfer the building loads safely to the competent bearing strata.

Bauer Vietnam has been awarded the foundation works based on a redesign by Bauer and alternative proposal replacing barrette piles by large diameter, deep bored piles. The alternative design allowed the client to reduce the material quantities and shorten the program, both resulting in cost savings. Bauer’s design is based on bored piles of diameter 2,000 mm in the building core reaching depth of 72 m. The pile shafts were post-grouted over the full length in order to increase the friction in between soil and pile and thus the external pile capacity.

The piling works were completed within 3 months using a high performance BAUER BG 40 drill rig and the Kelly technique. Construction works had to be carried out under very limited space, as such, the logistics determined the progress of the works. In average, one pile had been constructed per day. Shaft grouting had been executed using the “Tube-a-Manchette” technique and a double packer system. A total number of 12,600 manchettes had been injected simoultaniously to the main piling works.

Scope of Works:
63 Nos. of Bored Pile Ø 1,200 mm to Ø 2,000 mm; 72 m deep, with shaft grouting