Eximbank Tower

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The VIETNAM EXPORT IMPORT BANK (EXIMBANK) is developing its new headquarter called EXIMBANK TOWER in downtown Saigon center where the old headquarter was located. The EXIMBANK TOWER will be 163 m high consisting of 40-storeyed tower and 5 basements with over 60,000 square meters of floor space. The intensive construction method for the tower is full top-down method in which 30 stories and 5 basements will be constructed simultaneously.

BAUER Vietnam Ltd. successfully constructed the test barrettes 800 x 2,800 with shaft grouting. Test Barrettes had been equipped with O-Cells having capacity of 50 MN. Extensometers and Strain Gauges have been used to collect the data, to be used by the Engineer for verification and finalization of mass piling design. The two barrettes were excavated using a heavy duty rope-grab, weight 20 T. Shaft grouting has been done for full length of test barrettes TP1, and partially for TP2. Shaft grouting has been executed using the “Tube-a-Manchette” technique and double packer system. An experienced site team has also been deployed for the job. Well planning and logistic for site in the most crowded area of the city is precedent for success. The works have been well done in time to the required high quality and standards. Successful load test has revealed much valued data for the Engineer to optimize / verify the foundation design.

Scope of Works:
Construction and testing of 2 nos. of Barrettes, 800 x 2,800 up to depth 85 m partly with shaft grouting – Test load 5,000 t