German House

Ho Chi Minh Stadt, Vietnam

Deutsches Haus is located at the intersection of Le Duan Street and Le Van Huu Street. A 25 storey Grade ‘A’ Office Building including 2 floors service apartments with 4 levels of basement car park will be constructed.

A Diaphragm wall of 800 mm thickness with 45 m depth was built at the intersection of Le Duan and Le Van Huu Street while the 880 mm dia. Secant Pile Wall of 30 - 33 m depth were installed adjacent to the existing Kumho Tower and the Intercontinental Residence Building to avoid any movement to the existing building and basement structures. Bored pile of 1500 mm dia. (8 nos.) and 2000 mm dia. (39 nos.) ranging from 60 to 80 m depth were constructed with the installation of kingpost to allow semi-top-down construction.

Works had to be carried out simultaneously to Secant Pile and Diaphragm Wall due to short duration of contract with bored pile installation after the completion of the Diaphragm Wall works. Drilling works were only allowed during the day while concreting being carried out in the night as to avoid nuisance to the neighbouring residential building. Moreover with the heavy vehicles restriction in the city, all deliveries had to be dealt with in the night. All works were completed within the agreed construction time.

Scope of Works:
• Diaphragm Wall 800 mm thick – 5233 m2 (depth 45 m)
• Secant Pile Wall 880 mm dia. – 175 nos. (depth 30 – 33 m)
• Bored Pile 1,500 mm dia. (8 nos.) and 2,000 mm dia. (39 nos.)
• Shaft Grouting for all 2,000 mm dia. Bored piles