National Assembly House

Hanoi, Vietnam

At Ba Dinh Square, just next to the Mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, the government of the Social Republic of Vietnam is building a new parliament reflecting the development and modernization of the Capital.

Temporary ground anchors had been selected as retaining system offering a fast and economical solution to hold the diaphragm wall, designed as permanent basement wall, in place. Due to the very high loads resulting from earth and water pressure 6 to 8 strands anchors with a spacing of only 950 mm and length of 33 m were required. The anchor loads reached 97 ton. For an excavation depths of 13.5 m two layers of anchors had to be installed and for the excavation pit with a size of 120 m x 114 m a total number of 879 anchors were constructed. Works had to be carried out simultaneously to piling and excavation works and due to the bad quality of the diaphragm wall (build by others) significant repair works had to be undertaken before actual anchor installation could start.

Scope of Works:
879 nos temporary ground anchors, 15 well points