Richland Hill

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hiep Phu is developing on 5 ha land in District 9 of HCM City a high end apartment complex consisting of 10 Towers of 20 to 26 storeys. A two-level basement extends over the entire project site. Bauer assisted during the design stage to optimize the rock socket length and executed 3 nos, osterberg cell test, reducing the rock socket length to 1 - 3 m.

At the second project stage, Bauer was awarded the design and construction of the retaining wall system, selecting the most appropriate solution for each different wall section saving time and money. Although the site was big, the project followed a fast-schedule programme. As such, piling areas became available only Block by Block and all three machines had to work together in congested site areas. Once piling was finished, the diaphragm wall works followed. A diaphragm wall of 800 mm excavated with hydraulic grab bild the core of the retaining wall system. In those areas, where the rock was found at 20 m below ground or less, the diaphragm wall was retained by temporary anchors.


Scope of Works:
• 3 Nos. Preliminary Pile Test using Osterberg Cells
• 871 Nos. of Bored Pile Ø 800 mm to 1,800 mm, depths up to 55 m
• 10,800 m² of 800 mm Diaphragm Wall
• Construction of 180 Nos. temporary Ground Anchors