Song Bung 2 Hydro Plant

Quang Nam, Vietnam

In order to meet the increasing electricity demand for the country, Song Bung 2 hydroelectric power project has been planned and constructed on Song Bung River, Nam Giang District, Quang Nam Province, with supply capacity of 100 MW. In order to overcome the problems related to permeability of a soil or rock mass include (a) reduction in strength of foundation materials due to high seepage forced; (b) loss of impounded water from the reservoir, it was decided to install a grout curtain.


Bauer Vietnam, as a specialist geotechnical contractor, has been awarded the works to carry on test grouting works and installation of mass grouting (grout curtain). One of the major challenges was the setup of the drilling equipment for the installation of the grout curtain for a terrain with slope vary from 20 % to 56 %. UBW drilling rig has been deployed for drilling works for the flat area and six (6) portable drilling rigs were mobilized for working on slope area. Together with best drilling tools and equipment for such works and well experienced technical team, Bauer Vietnam managed to complete all works including all variations well ahead of the contract schedule helping the Main Contractor to recover their delays in time schedule. 

Scope of Works:
• Test Drilling & Grouting Package: 655 m drilling and grouting in rock up to depth of 45 m, water pressure testing (Lugeon test)
• Mass Drilling & Grouting Package: Installation of Grout curtain, drilling diameter 90 - 110 mm through rock of various strengths (up to 100 MPa) and grouting, total drilling length: 8 m