Times Square

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Times Square Project is located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City in between Nguyen Hue and Dong Khoi street. The project consist of a high rise tower with a five star hotel as anchor tenant and a 4 basement car park and retail area. During the excavation for the basements, serious defect had
been detected in the retaining wall. At the critical spot even a partial collapse occurred resulting in large infiltration of water and soil and in consequence to settlements and damages of the adjacent houses. Our client awarded as the emergency repair works of the retaining wall - executed by a local company – in order to proceed with the excavation to final level. Our scope included the assessment of all joints, emergency repairs and subsequently inspection and repair of joints simoultanously to the excavation works.

The treatment for joints varied following the dimension of the gaps and seriousness of infiltration. Smaller problems could be repaired quickly by surface treatment whereas the serious joints required pre-injections of chemical grouts and installation of steel plates to protect from any additional infiltrations. The success for the results depends on proper planning and judgment of the status of the joints. Experienced staff was employed on site to propose the adequet method of repair for each joint. An emergency plan was implemented to react quickly whenever new leakages had been detected on site.


Scope of Works:
Inspection, Preparation of Status Report and Repair of Retaining Wall Joints